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 “MIRUS COMPANY” is a factory which produces sanitary and hygiene products. The factory was established in May 2005. The company began its existence as a family business. In 2005 five production lines were installed and put into operation. In 2012 the amount of production lines has grown to more then 20. In 2016 there were more than 30 lines. The founder of the company selected an energetic team of employees. Then he created all the conditions for the career growth of each employee. The desire of the leadership to develop and become a leader in the Ukrainian market in the paper industry has become a powerful foundation for the MIRUS COMPANY. Constant work on oneself, teamwork, market research and the creation of new products are the factors that made the company one of the five leaders in the production of paper products in Ukraine.

In 2020 due to the current epidemiological situation in the country and in the world the production of sanitizers was launched. The production of detergents and household chemicals was also started in 2020.

The management of the company has a lot of ideas and constantly updating production equipment and launching new production lines which allows to keeps up on current events.


Our factory is located in the picturesque region of Poltava – in Dendropark.

In 2016 the territory of the company has increased to 8 000 sq.m.
The expansion of the territory was the great possibility for the reconstruction of the factory and the increase in production and storage facilities.

Equipment and production

Modern production and packaging equipment is the pride of the company.

 The main types of products  which manufactured by PE “MIRUS COMPANY” are:

 – roll towels;
– sheet towels;
– roll toilet paper;
– single sheet toilet paper;
– napkins (beverage, serving,  facial tissues);
– handkerchiefs;
– wiping materials
– non-woven materials
– sanitizers;
– detergents;
– household chemicals.

 The company’s products are made from high quality raw materials from leading European suppliers and domestic manufacturers: Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Tatarstan, Germany, Romania.


We are ready to cooperate both with young and energetic personnel as well as with experienced professionals in their field. 

 Anyone who wants to succeed will be able to reach new professional levels with our company.

Our prospective employee should have next qualities:

– to learn easyly and quickly;
– to accept the goals of our enterprise;
– to strive to learn and create new things;
– to be able to work in a team;
– to love your job;
– to be demanding ofyourself and take initiative;
– to solve all issues creatively and efficiently.

Achievements and awards

MIRUS COMPANY is one of the five leaders in the paper industry in accordance with the official data of the national business rating and received the “Industry Leader of 2009” award. Since 2015 we entered the European market: our regular customers are Moldovan, Croatian and Dutch companies.

The company regularly presents its products at exhibitions and also holds negotiations with Ukrainian and foreign suppliers and customers as a result of which long-term partnerships have been formed.

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  • Сертифікат ISO до 2025
Quality management system

All paper products are producing according to the Technical specifications of Ukraine (ТУ У 21.2-33532080-001:2005)

All antiseptic products are producing according to the Technical specifications of Ukraine (ТУ У 20.2-33532080-002:2020)

All detergents and household chemicals are producing according to the Technical specifications of Ukraine (ТУ У 20.4-33532080-003:2020)

The enterprise has implemented a quality management system ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements”

Company's goals

The main global tasks of the company and production are:

– infrastructure development;
– improving the existing quality control system by improving the material base, staff training;
– implementation of ISO 9001: 2015 standards in all areas of the company.

The continuous process of improving the effectiveness of the quality management systems is a priority for the development of the organization. The effectiveness of the system is ensured by monitoring and analyzing the operation of the enterprise at all stages.

Our partners

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